Resetting Fallen Fruit Trees after a Storm/Hurricane

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Published 2nd September 2021, 11:45am

Steps to Reset Fallen Tree

You can take care of damaged or fallen trees by following these comprehensive steps. Remember to keep yourself safe and exercise caution around toppled trees.

Once the equipment and labor have been assembled, debris removal, pruning of damaged trees, and resetting of toppled trees can begin.

Damage Assessment & Mobilisation The Resetting Process
  • Visually assess the damage
  • Estimate the cost and materials needed for resetting the grove
  • Complete damage assessment
  • Assemble team for accessing property
  • Organise tools and equipment for righting fallen trees: this includes chainsaws, pole saws, loppers, slings, shovel, hoes, fuel and possibly a back hoe
  • Reset trees as soon as possible after a storm.
  • A functioning irrigation system is essential. Immediate access to water will promote new root growth.
  • Prune toppled trees back to sound wood.
  • A moderate to large amount of the tree canopy may have to be removed to reduce the weight of the tree. This will make resetting and stabilising the tree easier.
  • Remove damaged exposed lateral and vertical roots that are completely out of the ground with a saw or lopper.
  • Remove the soil beneath to allow the plant to resettle in a level spot.
  • Heavy-duty slings or ropes attached to tractors or backhoes can be >used to assist in raising the trees to an upright position.
  • Pre-cut braces can be used to stabilise or prop the trees after they are raised.
  • The hole should be filled with excavated soil and the soil flooded-in (heavily irrigated).
  • Apply a complete fertiliser (NPK) after new growth begins.

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