Bulldozer Policy - Apr 2022

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Bulldozer Policy - Apr 2022

Published 21st April 2022, 10:20pm


(Revised 2018)

  1. Eligibility for Service

    The Department of Agriculture’s (DoA) land clearing and land preparation service is open to all persons with a valid Commercial Farmer ID and organizations involved in agriculture in the Cayman Islands. Persons or organizations requiring this service will be required to apply following the guidelines as set out below.

    Applications from Government Agencies and Not-for-Profit organizations will be considered on a case-by-case basis and approval for service will be at the discretion of the Director of Agriculture (Director).

  2. Utilization of Land to be Cleared

    All land cleared under this service must be put into agricultural production within three months of land clearance and be kept in agricultural production for a minimum period of five years. Each applicant will be required to sign statements indicating his/her commitment to adhere to these requirements. Applicants who fail to comply with these commitments, without valid reasons, must reimburse government for the full cost of the service at the existing commercial rates at the time the work was done, less any previous payments made.

  3. Allocation of Service

    1. The bolldozer service will be available on a district-by-district basis and shall be limited to a maximum of 10 acres per applicant per district.
    2. The DoA will provide notice by advertisement to potential applicants prior to the bulldozer’s arrival in a given district. The advertisement will indicate the cut-off date for receipt of applications for that district. No late applications will be accepted.
    3. Allocation within a district will be based on a first come/first served basis. However, priority may be given to particular applicants based on certain criteria such as, land in low-lying areas, particularly in anticipation of the rainy season.
  4. Monitoring

    1. The bulldozer supervisor will keep a log-sheet recording total fuel used and hours worked on each property.
    2. A computerized record will be kept at the DoA of all land cleared under the programme.
    3. The Director will appoint an officer of the DoA charged with the responsibility for inspecting/monitoring all lands that have been cleared under the programme. The officer shall submit his/her findings on a quarterly basis to the Director for appropriate action.
  5. Fee Structure

    Applicants will be charged as follows:

    1. Week Day charges (Monday through Friday)
      • Cost of fuel
      • Cost of transporting bulldozer to and from location
    2. Week End charges (Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays)
      • Cost of fuel
      • Operator's Wages
      • Cost of transporting bulldozer to and from location
      • Cost of Bulldozer Supervisor calculated at a fixed rate of three (3) hours per day.
  6. Application for Bulldozer Service

    1. All applications must include a valid Commercial Farmer ID number, or the applicant must provide proof of provisional registration.
    2. All applications must include the location of land to be cleared (Block and Parcel number) and the acreage requested.
    3. Where proof of ownership or lease [lease agreement or written authorization from the owner giving him/her permission to clear and cultivate the said property] of the parcel to be cleared has previously been submitted as part of the commercial farmer id application, additional copies do not have to be submitted as part of this application process. Submission of proof of ownership or lease shall be required for any new parcels or if requested by the DoA to verify current ownership or lease status.
    4. All applications must have attached a copy of the land registry map, which shows the Block and Parcel in question. An application for land clearing will not be processed unless the applicant has complied with the requirements above.
  7. Physical Location of Land to be Cleared

    It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to show the DoA representative the exact location of the land to be cleared and to provide evidence that this area is indeed within the boundaries of the Block and Parcel listed on the application form. In the event that this information cannot be verified by the DoA representative by either surveyor’s boundary markers or other clearly recognizable land marks, the DoA shall require the applicant to have the area physically demarcated by a licensed land surveyor prior to approval of the application.

  8. Indemnity Waiver

    The applicant shall be liable for and shall indemnify the Government of the Cayman Islands against any expense, liability, loss, claim or proceedings whatsoever.

  9. Law

  10. This agreement is governed by the laws of the Cayman Islands

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