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The Department of Agriculture seeks to develop sustainable agricultural production to promote measures of self-sufficiency and food security for the Cayman Islands.

The Department is proud of the role we play in the lives of our farmers by providing essential support and social intervention. Our focus is assisting farmers in achieving sustainable growth, along with providing support and solutions to farms throughout the Cayman Islands, and by doing this we have created a Farmers portal, for their farming needs.

Our employees are ready to assist with answering your questions or concerns about your home garden, farm, pet travel, livestock emergencies, inventory, plant and animal import, dog pound and more.

Our employees are ready to assist with answering your questions or concerns about your home garden, farm, pet travel, livestock emergencies, inventory, plant and animal import, dog pound and more.

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Livestock Extension Services

The Livestock Extension, Husbandry, and Herd Health Unit provides technical/extension advice to the livestock farming community through farm visits, seminars, training workshops, demonstrations, and other learning avenues based on requests from both internal and external stakeholders.

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Agricultural Health Inspection Services

Protecting the flora and fauna of the Cayman Islands from the introduction and establishment of pests and diseases through a strong National Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) Regime.

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Agronomy (Crop Production)

Crop Production - providing support to commercial and non-commercial farmers in the production of crops and proper care and maintenance of plants.

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Abattoir Services

The Cayman Islands Department of Agriculture provides an abattoir facility and services for the slaughter and dressing of livestock fit for human consumption in compliance with relevant national legislation, policies, procedures, and international standards.

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Large-Animal Veterinary Services

The Veterinary Services Unit provides ambulatory and emergency medical and surgical services to large animals including cattle, pigs, goats, poultry, and horses.

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Animal Welfare and Control Services

The Animal Welfare and Control Unit provides operational, regulatory, and educational services which support responsible animal ownership, encourage the avoidance of straying animals, and enforce relevant legislation to prevent cruelty to animals.

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Import and Export Services

The Import and Export Services Unit provides guidance to clients, veterinary clinics, farmers, and pet travel brokers regarding the movement of animals and animal-related products into and out of the Cayman Islands.

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Rabies Vaccination Clinic

The Cayman Islands has enjoyed a rabies-free disease status for many decades. The Department of Agriculture’s Veterinarians are licensed to administer rabies vaccines to dogs and cats travelling out of the Cayman Islands based on the requirements of the importing country. Due to our national rabies-free status, a current rabies vaccine is also required for pets re-entering the Cayman Islands.

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