The Cayman Islands Department of Agriculture commissioned its abattoir in 2006 with a view to:

  • enhance local slaughter practices
  • enhance local food hygiene
  • ensure local food safety
  • bolster national food security through support for local meat production
  • promote national food sustainability through support for local meat production

In close collaboration with the Department of Environmental Health (the national meat inspection authority), the Department’s qualified Veterinarians and Slaughtermen provide ante-mortem inspections and humane slaughter to deliver wholesome meat products which ensure public health and safety in the Cayman Islands.

The Cayman Islands Department of Agriculture provides an abattoir facility and services for the slaughter and dressing of livestock fit for human consumption in compliance with relevant national legislation, policies, procedures, and international standards. Currently, the abattoir services cattle, goat, and pig farmers to assist with the provision of wholesome beef, chevon (goat meat), and pork for Cayman Islands residents and tourists.

In preparation for slaughter, the following should be noted:

  • All livestock intended for slaughter are required to be rested for 12-24 hours at the abattoir holding pen prior to slaughter.
  • During the rest period, an ante-mortem inspection is conducted by one of the Department’s Veterinarians to ensure optimal health of livestock intended for slaughter.
  • The ‘fifth’ quarter (head, feet, liver, kidneys, skin, etc.) must be picked up by the client on the day of slaughter. Alternatively, clients can request free disposal by the Department’s Slaughtermen.
  • Delivery of carcasses/meat to local supermarkets and meat shops is free of charge.

To arrange for slaughter services, persons should call 345-926-2212/ 345-947-3090. Alternatively, bookings can be made through the Department’s website, by completing the schedule a service form at the bottom of the page.

Abattoir clients should provide the following information when arranging slaughter services:

  • Name
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Type and number of livestock to be slaughtered
  • Preferred date for delivery of carcasses/meat
  • Preferred delivery location

For more information about the Department’s abattoir, please contact the department on 345-947-3090.

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