Agronomy (Crop Production)

In this section protecting plant health to safeguard local flora and increase crop yields and the sustainable production of high quality, safe and nutritious foods are their number one priority.

This group provides support to commercial farmers and backyard gardeners in the production of crops and proper care and maintenance of plants.

Commercial Farmers:

Are individuals or registered companies actively involved in commercial / agri-business enterprises, “business of agriculture” with a reasonable expectation of profit.

Non-Commercial (Backyard) Farmers:

Are persons involved in the agriculture sector, particularly those individuals involved in “backyard’ production for personal consumption and / or supplementing household income through the sale of surplus production.

This includes provision of:

  • Crop Extension Service: Technical advice and information to commercial farmers and backyard gardeners on matters related to the proper care and maintenance of crops plants.
  • Training: On farm training in areas of crop care and safe and effective pesticide usage.
  • Tree Crop Husbandry Program: A service to Commercial Farmers at affordable rates for pruning and pest  and disease management of orchard crops.
  • Agricultural Land Clearing: A service offered to Commercial Farmers only.
  • Plant Propagation: Vegetable seedlings and young fruit trees for sale to the farmers and backyard gardeners, in our Plant Nursery section.
  • Agronomic Research: Conducting crop trials/training to better identify improved cultivars and production practices that are suitable for the Cayman Islands, conducted in our Laboratory section.

Call 345-947-3090 for more information about what we have in stock at our Plant Nursery, dropping off soil samples, or to arrange a free home garden and farm visit from our agronomy (crop production) team.

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