Cayman Islands Animal Welfare and Control Services Performance

Reasons to report and for apprehension of the animal, under the Animals Law (2015 Revision) Sections 44 40 & 46, are stated as follows:
44. A dog shall be regarded as being dangerously out of control on any occasion on which there are grounds for reasonable apprehension that it will injure any person or another domestic animal, whether or not it does so, …………….not include references to any case in which the dog is being used for lawful purposes by a constable, a public officer or a security guard in uniform while carrying out his duties.
40. If a dog is dangerously out of control in a public place, the owner and, if different, the person for the time being in charge of the dog, commits an offense.
46. A person who suffers any ferocious dog to be at large or who sets on or urges any dog to attack, worry or put in fear any person or domestic or protected animal commits an offence.

Our Data

The following will assist in understanding the Department of Agriculture’s Animal Welfare and Control Services, performance month-to-month, quarterly and annually. Each set of data includes the following: an Intakes table and an Outcomes table.

Intakes include all of the categories of intake for dog, cat, livestock and other during a particular time period: Stray animals (“Stray”); owner surrendered pets (“Owner Surrender”); animals confiscated for abuse, neglect or abandonment (“Confiscate”); disposal requests for deceased animals (“Disposal Request”); euthanasia requests by owners (DOA provides this service for the cost of $35) (“Euthanasia Request”); adoption returns (“Returns”).

Outcomes include all of the categories for the eventual disposition for a particular period of time for dogs, cats, other animals, and wildlife that have come into the pound. These categories are as follows: adopted animals (“Adoption”); animals that have been returned to their owner after straying from home, or after having been confiscated or impounded (“Returned to Owner”); animals transferred to our rescue partners (“Transfer”); animals that were euthanized at the request of their owners (“Euthanasia by Request”); animals that were euthanized for health, behavior, and/or capacity for care, such as resources to treat or space (“Other Euthanasia”); animals that have died after they entered the pound (“Died in Care”); and animals that were dead prior to entering the pound (“Dead on Arrival”).

Annual Pound Statistics:

Monthly Pound Statistics:

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