Did You Know? Animal Welfare and Control’s Purpose

Did You Know? 

The Animal Welfare and Control Services Unit plays a crucial role in our community by ensuring the health, safety, and well-being of both animals and residents. This unit is dedicated to addressing issues related to stray, abandoned, and mistreated animals through compassionate care, enforcement of animal welfare laws, and public education on responsible pet ownership.

At the heart of the unit’s operations is the Animal Pound, a facility designed to provide temporary accommodation for lost, stray, or seized animals. The pound operates with a commitment to the humane treatment of animals and safeguarding of the community, and strives to find positive outcomes for all animals, either through reunification with owners or by working closely with local shelters and rescue groups to maximize the chances of adoption.

Animal Welfare and Control provides a service to the community by:

  • reducing the number of stray and neglected animals
  • educating residents on matters of animal welfare
  • investigating complaints of inhumane treatment of animals
  • inspecting licensed (animal related) operations to ensure compliance with the conditions of their operating license
  • providing law required dog license Free to the public owners