Important Notice – Office Closures for Agriculture Show Preparation

Attention Customers and Farmers,

Please be advised of the Departments Closures from February 12th  – 14th, 2024.

Normal business operation will resume on Thursday, February 15th 2024.


Warehouse and Sales Office

CLOSED at 1:00PM – on Tuesday, February 13th 2024

CLOSED on Wednesday, February 14th 2024


Plant Sales

CLOSED from Monday, February 12th – 14th 2024


Main Office, Animal Welfare, Veterinary Services, AHIS, Abattoir and All Cayman Brac Offices

CLOSED on Wednesday, February 14th 2024.


The upcoming 55th Agriculture show falls on February 14th!

It’s the perfect blend of celebrating Valentines Day and our Ash Wednesday Holiday.

Don’t miss out! On the fun, food, and activities.