27 March 2024

NRSC Calls for Redoubling of Efforts Amid Road Fatalities

The National Road Safety Committee has called for urgent action and the redoubling of efforts from motorists and other stakeholders to reduce road accidents across the Islands following two road fatalities last week in Cayman Brac and Grand Cayman and a recent incident today (Tuesday, 26 March) along the Linford Pierson Highway in which a speeding motorist injured workers on the road development site.

Details on the Linford Pierson Highway incident is still forthcoming.

Members of the Committee expressed condolences to the families of the deceased in the fatal accidents noting that every life lost on the road is one too many. These tragic deaths were entirely avoidable,” stated Eric Bush, Chair of the Committee and Chief Officer in the Ministry of Planning, Agriculture, Housing, Infrastructure, Transport and Development.  “Each loss is devastating and leaves an irreplaceable void in families, communities and society at large. We cannot afford to overlook the gravity of this situation. It is imperative that we all take proactive measures to ensure road safety for ourselves and those around us.”

Chief Officer Bush further stated, “We must acknowledge that only through community support and a lack tolerance for this type of behaviour will we start to bring about meaningful change.  Each of us must make a commitment to safe driving practices and cultivate a culture of respect, mindfulness and care on our roads.”

In response to the recent fatalities and road accidents, the National Road Safety Committee is urging citizens across all three Islands to take the pledge for safer roads. “We encourage everyone to slow down, to make a conscious decision to prioritize safety over speed. Let us honour the memory of those we have lost by ensuring that such incidents do not recur. Together, we truly can save lives and make a difference.”

Statistics from Public Safety Communication 911 indicates that over 600 individual motor vehicle accidents have been recorded since the beginning of the year. Speeding, drunk driving and use of phone while driving are said to be key factors causing accidents across the Islands.

The National Road Safety Committee is actively working with the private and public sector as well as community groups to reduce road fatalities and reckless driving. Members of the public can join the Committee in taking the

pledge to support the Road to Zero campaign by visiting and learn more about road safety initiatives and how to contribute to making our roads safer for everyone.

By taking the pledge, drivers, pedestrians and passengers agree to drive responsibility, stay vigilant, educate others and respect the road.