Hurricane Preparedness – Crops, Seeds, Fruit Trees

During Hurricane season the Department of Agriculture is asking all farmers and homeowners to prune their fruit trees. Cut all low hanging, dead, and unproductive limbs and branches. Provide resistance to a tree against high winds to eliminate the tree from being uprooted.

For Bananas and Plantains – with the issuance of a Hurricane Warning, it is recommended that farmers chop down all banana and plantain plants – main stem and suckers- as near to the ground level as possible. This is to prevent crops from being uprooted by hurricane-force winds and less costly to lose a few bunches and be back in production sooner than expected.

For seedlings and young trees / trellised plants – keep young trees close to the house or wall, use a cover for your vegetable plants, or tie fruit trees to a sturdy pole, fence, etc.

For seeds – they should be packed in plastic bags and secured in the fridge for storage. Seeds left in the bottom drawer of the fridge can still germinate up to 4 yrs.